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The Chinese gong in the forecourt cheap professional Levitra Buy be sounded to announce the beginning of the second part. Sid Grauman pulled the second opening in the career of this house and it was a pip. They were all there in their smartest gowns and jewelry galone sic. Sid gave them the greatest and most expensive stage presentation in the history of his operation in Hollywood.

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The show will help Doug Fairbanks’ ‚The Gaucho’ cash in for at least three months. Grauman calls this one ‚Agentine Nights. It’s similar to those erected in the studios and as substantial. Plus the lighting, it’s extremely effective.

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Grauman spent dough and it shows. It was the smoothest cheap professional Levitra Buy performance Grauman has ever had, its length meaning encores. The cheif clickers in the order that they scored were Borrah Minnevitch and his harmonica boys, Harry White and Alice Manning, and after that the Gaucho Marimba band, picked up by Grauman in San Diego. Opening had the entire ensemble on stage with a Padre informing it was a festive day.

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They started in by chanting after which Triana and Antoinette, mixed team, did an Argentine routine aided by a mixed octette. This was fast stepping and pleasing.

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Whether this dance was Andes or buy Biaxin only Sid knows, but for the cash buyers went for it. Then came the seven marimba pounders, who cheap professional Levitra Buy specializing accompanied Samuel Pedraza, South American tenor, for a couple of numbers. It was a new one for the crowd with Del Gado, if that is his right name, somewhat of a comic. White and Manning speeded it up some more.

This duo, brought on cheap professional Levitra Buy from the east, are new locally and found the mob a pushover. Looks as though when they finish here it will be a pipe for them if they like California. The picture houses and productions will surely want them.

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Next to shut came Borrah Minnevitch and his 13 boys. It was a panic and turned out to be a case of how long Minnevitch wanted to stay on.

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With the entertainment cheap professional Levitra Buy attained a high point, the padre announced the day of festivity was over and it was time for prayer. There was chanting from offstage with the players entering the church as the drapes were drawn. Arthur Kay conducted the orchestra, providing as the prelude a catchy overture entitled ‚Argentine.

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The pit crew of 45 or so have an easy time during the prolog as most of the music is supplied by the stage specialties. Program as listed in the undated handout program for „The Gaucho”:
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